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Associate Professor Adam Bartlett

A/Prof Bartlett was appointed to a joint clinical and academic position as an adult and paediatric liver transplant and HPB surgeon at Auckland City Hospital and as an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at The University of Auckland in 2008.

A/Prof Bartlett’s adventurous and energetic personality extend beyond the operating theatre. He finds joy in exploring the hiking trails across Central Otago and biking through the backroads of New Zealand and Europe alongside his family. Competitive sailing, kite-surfing and completing numerous half marathons are also among his favourite activities. Recently A/Prof Bartlett embraced the challenge of revisiting skiing after a long hiatus, with varying degrees of success! He is happily married with two equally energetic daughters and a laid-back Labradoodle, all of whom bring immense joy to his life.

Anaesthetist Specialist

Paul Gardiner

Specialist Anaesthetist Paul Gardiner

Paul, is a highly skilled Specialist Anaesthetist with extensive experience in both private and public Anaesthesia. With over a decade of practice, Paul has established himself as a trusted professional at Auckland City Hospital and Mercy/Ascot Hospitals.

Since January 2008, Paul has been committed to delivering comprehensive Anaesthesia services with a focus on patient comfort and safety. His impressive career includes specialized roles in both the public and private health sectors. In the public sector, Paul has held, or currently holds, integral roles as an Intensivist in General, Neurological and Liver Transplant Intensive Care (2007 to 2017), an SMO Patient at Risk (PaR) Consultant Anaesthetist and Specialist Anaesthetist in the renowned Level 8 Anaesthesia Department, Auckland City Hospital and Airway lead at Auckland City Hospital. In the private sector, Paul is currently Chairman of the Anaesthesia Advisory Group, a Director of Intensive Care / High Dependency Unit and a Member of the Credentialing Committee, Clinical Excellence Committee and Clinical Advisory Board for Mercy/Ascot Hospitals.

Paul’s exceptional skills and dedication have earned him a remarkable reputation among colleagues and patients. He approaches each case with meticulous attention to detail, leveraging his deep understanding of the complexities involved. His ability to provide outstanding care in high-pressure environments distinguishes him as a highly sought-after professional.

Remaining at the forefront of his field, Paul believes in continuous professional development. He actively engages in ongoing education, ensuring that he stays informed about the latest advancements in Anaesthesia to provide his patients with the most advanced and effective techniques available.

Compassion and empathy are fundamental to Paul’s approach to patient care. He values clear communication and actively involves patients in their treatment journey, making sure they feel informed, comfortable, and supported throughout the process.

Martin Misur

Anaesthetist Specialist

Specialist Anaesthetist Martin Misur

Martin is a highly experienced Anaesthetist specializing in hepatobiliary/upper gastrointestinal surgery and solid organ transplantation. With a career spanning both public and private healthcare sectors, Martin has achieved remarkable milestones and undertaken diverse roles.

In 2008, Martin decided to leave his Senior Clinical Fellow position at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the United Kingdom and returned to New Zealand to serve as a Specialist Anaesthetist at Auckland City Hospital. Throughout his tenure, he has held various positions at the hospital and currently holds the roles of Informatics Lead for the Perioperative Directorate and Clinical Lead for Transplant Anaesthesia at Level 8.

Alongside his work in the public sector, Martin actively practices in the private domain. He was a partner at Epsom Anaesthetic Group from 2012 to 2016 and later became a partner at Epsom Anaesthetic Partnership. His expertise in anaesthesia has played a vital role in delivering exceptional care to patients across both settings.

Recognized for his exceptional abilities and contributions, Martin was appointed a Director of the Southern Cross Health Trust Board in 2017. He further extended his influence by joining the Health Society Board in 2019 and assuming the Director role in January 2020. The Southern Cross Health Trust, a Charitable Trust and owner of Southern Cross Hospitals Limited, New Zealand’s largest private hospital network, benefits from Martin’s extensive experience in various anaesthesia specialties, including intensive care, resuscitation, and pain treatment. His comprehensive understanding of the healthcare sector and broad commercial acumen contribute to the Group’s success.

Martin’s multifaceted career, wealth of experience, and unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care make him an invaluable asset in the field of Anaesthesia. His dedication to continuous professional growth and ability to strike a balance between personal and professional pursuits exemplify his holistic approach to life.